Discover the definition of the term Intrusion Test presented by Les Assises de la Cybersécurité.


A penetration test is a cyber intrusion service carried out with the agreement of the “victim” company, in order to allow it to assess its defenses. The test covers a well-defined scope (an application, a network, etc.) and specifies the conditions of execution: with or without prior access, with or without knowledge of how the application works, etc. Everything is governed by a contract, which also specifies the URLs or IP address ranges that are part of the test, as well as those that will be used by the attacker. The latter is most often employed by a specialized cybersecurity company, but he can also be independent and backed by a Bug Bounty company.

In the evening, by the fire, cybersecurity consultants like to tell the story of the company that, one day, somewhere, corrected the vulnerabilities discovered during an intrusion test.

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