• What is the concept behind the One to One events developed by DG Consultants ?

    DG Consultants has been creating the One to One model for over 20 years, and each event brings together a selection of 'invited' decision-makers, project leaders and potential buyers, and 'partners', solution providers.

    With a focus on excellence, right down to the smallest detail, we create and organise events that provoke business meetings. Our teams provide support and advice to all participants to help them realise their respective projects in the best possible conditions.

    The days are structured to ensure a balance between :

    • expert content, providing strategic and operational insight
    • networking between peers
    • business meetings to bring projects to fruition and initiate collaborations.
  • What is the concept of Les Assises of cybersecurity ?

    It's the place where decision-makers with projects and potential "guest" buyers meet: CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, network and telecom infrastructure managers, risk managers, etc., and "partner" solution providers at the cutting edge of the cyber market.

    With pre-organized, tailor-made meetings, a program of content, feedback and peer-to-peer networking, this model fosters year-round exchanges between cybersecurity managers from major French accounts and suppliers of technological solutions and services.

  • How can I take part in Les Assises of cybersecurity as a guest / decision-maker ?

    Each participant must complete an application form directly on the site. To ensure the quality of the event, each application is subject to validation of their investment projects by the Guest Expérience team. This 100% business event is open only to industry professionals in possession of an invitation.

    We reserve the right to invalidate any application if the profile and/or investment project do not meet the industry's expectations.

  • What are the main stages of participation as a guest / decision-maker ?

     I fill in my investment needs and projects when I register. > Once my application has been validated, I access the One to One platform and complete my profile. > I accept / send meeting requests to the partners who meet my needs > I meet them for a 30-minute One to One meeting in Monaco!

    Are you a cybersecurity decision-maker? CIO, CISO, Technical Director, Network and Telecom Infrastructure Manager, Risk Manager...? Do you have current and/or future projects?

    Join us : https://www.lesassisesdelacybersecurite.com/Invites/etre-invite-aux-assises

  • How can I take part Les Assises of cybersecurity as a partner/exhibitor ?
    Each participant is required to fill in an application form directly on the website. To ensure the quality of the event, each request for participation is subject to validation by the editorial committee, which guarantees the relevance of the offer to the needs and challenges of the market.
  • What are the main stages in participating as a partner / exhibitor ?
    • I fill in the application form
    • After reviewing my application and validating your quote, I access the One to One platform and complete my company profile. 
    • Once the platform is accessible, the team present at the event accepts / sends appointment requests to the guests I wish to meet. 
    • I meet them for a 30-minute appointment in Monaco!

    Are you a service provider with a security solution to present? Would you like to benefit from an appointment space and generate ultra-qualified leads?

    Exhibit : https://www.lesassisesdelacybersecurite.com/Partenaires/Devenir-Partenaire

  • What is a One to One appointment ?

    The One to One meetings are prepared several weeks before the event:

    • Guests are selected according to the profiles and projects they wish to launch
    • The partners are chosen for their quality and their relevance to business issues.

    One to One meetings are highly-qualified 30-minute meetings between guests-decision-makers and exhibiting partners. These meetings are pre-programmed in advance of the event in participants' personal spaces, according to their needs and projects, using a matchmaking platform.

    So everyone goes to the event with a pre-arranged schedule of meetings.

  • Can I recommend a colleague or counterpart in my professional network ?

    You can recommend a member of your network. To do so, you can invite them to fill in a participation request directly via the dedicated form or send us their contact details. We will contact them as soon as possible.

    The information provided will be processed automatically in compliance with the RGPD.

  • I've taken part in Les Assises in the past, why didn't I receive an invitation this year ?
    Invitations are by no means systematic, so don't hesitate to make a request and we'll look into it.
  • Why a participation charter ?
    In keeping with the philosophy of the event, we are asking all participants to commit to active participation: registering for workshops and making one-to-one appointments.
  • Which hotel will I be staying in ? When will I be informed of the hotel where I will be staying ?
    You will receive your accommodation details by email 48 to 72 hours before the day of the event. If you do not receive this information, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Are there shuttles to/from the airport? From my hotel to the Grimaldi Forum and party venues ?

    Free shuttle buses are available on a rotating basis between Monaco station / Nice airport and Monaco on the first and last day of the event, and between hotels, evening events and the Grimaldi Forum during the 3 days of the event.

    For more information on timetables and routes, go to la rubrique dédiée du site, to votre espace personnel, or on the mobile application.

  • Do I need to buy my train/plane tickets ?

    Yes, we leave you the flexibility to choose your dates and means of transport. However, we encourage you to travel by train whenever possible.

    Guests may be eligible for a refund of their travel costs, subject to certain conditions. Contact the Guest Experience team for more information.

  • How can I take part in a plenary session or workshop ?

    Access to the plenary sessions is free on presentation of the RFID wristband to the hostesses at the entrance to the rooms.

    Access to the workshops is by registration in advance of the event from the personal area, for guests only. Please note! The number of places available is limited.

  • All the workshops I wanted to take part in are fully booked. How can I attend them ?
    We advise you to arrive in front of the workshop room a few minutes before the start of the workshop. If places are finally available, you will be allowed access.
  • Will conferences and keynotes be available for replay ?
    Yes, the conferences and keynotes will be available for replay on our Youtube channel and on the website.
  • How can I get involved or submit a topic ?
    You can submit your application to [email protected], mentioning your expertise and added value.
  • Why doesn't my invitation cover all the events ?
    Due to the increased use of certain reception venues, we are unable to satisfy all participants' requests.
  • How are the lunches organised ?
    The lunches take place in a dedicated area of the Grimaldi Forum and are a networking opportunity in their own right.
  • I have dietary restriction, who should I talk to ?
    You can submit your dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, etc.) directly in your personal space, in the MY TRAVEL INFO section
  • Do I have to register for activities to take part?
    Each activity has a limited number of places available and requires prior registration in your personal space, under "Activities". You will be notified by email when registration opens.
  • How do I connect to my personal space ?
    You can access your personal space using the email address you gave when you registered.
  • I've lost my access codes for my personal space, what should I do?
    In your guest area, click on "forgot password" in the login box and follow the instructions.
  • Where can I find my login details for the mobile application ?
    Your login details for the mobile application are identical to those used for your personal space.
  • Who can I chat to during the event ?
    Chat is available to participants via the mobile app. It allows you to communicate with all the participants present at the event.
  • What do I need to access the event ?

    To gain access to the event, you will be asked for a valid form of ID (identity card or passport only) and the email confirming your participation, available on the mobile application.

    Your access badge will be given to you on arrival at the event reception desk.

  • Is the event accessible to people with reduced mobility ?
    The Grimaldi Forum complies with European accessibility standards and is accessible to people with reduced mobility.
  • What is the Innovation Prize ? 
    Since 2006, Les Assises has been supporting the development of young companies through the Innovation Award. The winner of the Prix de l'Innovation is recognized and promoted by Les Assises community. The competition rewards innovative solutions selected by a jury of cybersecurity experts. The Innovation Award is officially presented to the winner at Les Assises of the Cybersecurity plenary conference on Thursday.
  • What is Le Before ?
    Created in 2017, again following on from Assises, the event immediately established itself as a highly anticipated strategic meeting for cybersecurity market decision-makers. In a restricted committee, participants are invited to reflect and debate around the future of the sector. End-users are invited exclusively by DG Consultants (but can also be invited by partners for the remainder of Les Assises), and are mainly CISOs/SSOs/IT managers and other IT decision-makers.
  • How do the round tables take place ? 
    Round tables are held on Tuesday mornings before lunch. There is one per Commission. They are made up of 2 partners + the two Commission chairmen, and moderated by the Commission moderator. Their aim is to take stock of the issues facing the Commission's sector, and to define the main areas of work to be addressed in the afternoon. All commission members (guests and partners) are invited to attend the round table.
  • How do the commissions work ?
    End-users participate in one of the proposed commissions. They can initially choose 2 commissions. Depending on the number of places available, they will be allocated their definitive commission in the days following their request. Each commission lasts 3 hours. It is made up of around 30 end-users and 5-6 partners. Commissions are chaired exclusively by end-users, and moderated by a professional moderator who ensures that discussions run smoothly and are conducted in French. Each commission will be summarized by the moderators and validated by the presidents, with a presentation at the plenary session on Wednesday morning. All summary sheets will be made available to all Before participants.
  • Can I change my commission ? 
    Subject to availability. Registrations are made on a "first in/first out" basis.
  • When will the commission program be available ? 
    The chairmen are working on the content of their commission, with an initial report at the end of May on the main themes. And at the end of June for a more detailed schedule. A program will be sent out before the summer so that guests can prepare their participation. To enhance the interactivity of the debates, they will be able to propose - in advance of the event - their expectations and preferred topics on their private space.
  • Can we have the contact details of the people who sit on the commissions ? 
    Partners registered with a commission will have access to the list of participants in their commission (surname, first name, position and company) without any contact details. A trombinoscope is provided for each commission. Le Before is above all a networking event. Give preference to direct contact, and don't hesitate to exchange business cards !
  • What are meet-ups ? 
    Meet-ups are small group events (6-8 people) hosted by lawyers and experts, who address regulatory or legal issues in a very practical way. They are open to all Before participants (partners and guests) upon registration. Each meet-up lasts 45 minutes and will be played twice.
  • How does communication work during Le Before ?
    Le Before will not be the subject of any external media communication: there will be no journalists representing any media outlet, and participants must agree in writing not to communicate about the content of Le Before via social networks.
  • What is Le Cercle ? 
    An event created within Les Assises community, Le Cercle brings together cybersecurity players around structured discussions. A way for participants to become aware of the major themes of their sector and to meet between professionals. Le Cercle is organised around four networking evenings each year in Paris.
  • I couldn't come to Les Assises, can I come to Le Cercle ? 

    2 things to know :

    • Every participant in the Assises becomes a member of the Cercle by extension.
    • If you were unable to attend the Assises and would like to keep in touch with the SSI community via the Cercle, please contact us and fill in this questionnaire.

    Once you're a member, you'll be invited to our dinner debates throughout the year.

Be invited as a guest to Les Assises

Are you a decision-maker in cybersecurity?

CIO, CISO, Technical Director, Network and Telecom Infrastructure Manager, Risk Manager...? You have ongoing and/or future projects in cybersecurity?
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