Opening conference

Wednesday 9 October | 1.30pm-2.30pm

TOGETHER is the theme that will bring us together this year. Because together we are stronger, building communities to mitigate cyber threats is a key issue, right up to the global level. To address these issues, we will be honoured to welcome to our opening conference :

  • Philip Reitinger, President and CEO, Global Cyber Alliance
  • Vincent Strubel, Director General, ANSSI
  • Paul Lemesle, Group CISO, Lactalis Group and Honorary President of Assises 2024
Opening conference Les Assises 2024

Innovation Prize and plenary conference

Thursday 10 October | 6.00pm-7.00pm

Part 1: Focus on innovation

  • Introduction by Florent Kirchner, Head of the French National Cybersecurity Strategy
  • Innovation Prize-giving ceremony to the winner of 2024 Snowpack


Part 2: The Earth from space - A vision to change the world

Jean-Pierre Goux is fascinated by the beauty of the Earth as seen from space, its impact on astronauts and what this vision could change in human societies, both individually and collectively, if it became accessible to all. Through the story of a 25-year quest that took him into the inner workings of NASA and the powers that be to produce the first images of the entire Earth orbiting from space so that everyone could experience the overview effect (the wonder experienced by astronauts as they discover the Earth), he will emphasise the importance of dreams and of changing the way we look at things for the ecological transition. Participants will also be able to take part in this collective experience.

Innovation Prize and plenary conference Les Assises 2024
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