Key players to broadcast the highlights of the event and the latest cyber trends.
Global Security Mag media partner Les Assises

Global Security Mag

A magazine dedicated to logical and physical security and aimed at all players and professionals in the IT and physical security sectors (CISOs, Risk Managers, IT Departments, Network Administrators, etc. in companies and administrations of all sizes).
Impact media partner Les Assises

Impact Média

A solutions MEDIA, committed, ethical and constructive, combining a magazine and events, which aims to fuel a new momentum to bring together and unite all the players in society to collectively shape a more sustainable, more inclusive and safer world.
L'Informaticien media partner Les Assises


Technical journal covering all aspects of information technology, including networks, systems and applications. Two separate sections: The world of the computer scientist (indicators, summaries, analyses). The tools of the computer scientist (technology, methods, codes and works).
S&D Sécurité & Défense Magazine media partner Les Assises

Sécurité & Défense Magazine

Created 10 years ago, Sécurité & Défense magazine meets the editorial need to reflect the security and defence continuum. A bi-monthly magazine, it plays the influence card through a strong editorial line. It has now established itself among principals, specifiers, manufacturers, companies, lobbying firms and major players in the security, cybersecurity and defence sectors, as a quality and benchmark medium in which to communicate, discuss, criticise, convince, argue and shake things up, with finesse and intelligence.
Siecle Digital media partner Les Assises

Siècle Digital

Siècle Digital is an independent online newspaper that provides daily coverage of the digital economy in France and around the world. Its mission is to provide comprehensive, in-depth and impartial coverage of the digital economy, exposing its opportunities and challenges, following the events and companies that drive it, and the bodies that regulate it.
Solutions numériques & cybersécurité media partner Les Assises

Solutions Numériques

Solutions-Numeriques is a publication aimed at CIOs, IT managers and all decision-makers in business and the public sector concerned by digital technology.
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