Discover the definition of the term Obfuscation presented by Les Assises de la Cybersécurité.


Code “obfuscation”, which can be translated as “concealment”, is a technique that consists of making a computer code as difficult as possible for a human to understand, while of course leaving it perfectly functional. The objective is to waste time for the analyst who is trying to understand what the program under study really does, to the point of potentially forcing him to give up if the time required for the analysis no longer makes it profitable to exploit the revealed code. Code obfuscation is used both in malicious codes (to hide their capabilities) and in commercial software (to protect algorithms or other intellectual property)

Lost: funny joke about obfuscation. If you find it, please report it to DG Consultants, 5 Rue de l’Amiral Courbet, 94160 Saint-Mandé, France.

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