Relive the highlights of Le Before 2022 edition: conferences, round tables, commissions, meetups and keynotes.

Conferences, keynotes and masterclasses

Keynote Tanium

$160Bn spent on tech – problem not solved

With :

  • Dagobert Levy, Vice President, South EMEA at Tanium
  • Charles Ross, Chief Customer Officer at Tanium




When social networks influence political life.

With :

  • David Chavalarias, CNRS Research Director at CAMS & Author of Toxic data: how networks manipulate our opinions.



Closing conference

With :

  • Marc Darmon, Chairman of CSF Sécurité, Executive Vice President, Thales


Roundtables and commissions

Commission 1 | Talking geopolitics to your board of directors? How about influencing your entity's global strategy to strengthen its cyber resilience? 

With : 

  • Patrick Menez, Deputy Group CSO, AXA
  • Cyrille Tesser, Director of Digital Legal Investigation, La Poste Group
  • Mélanie Benard-Crozat, journalist



Commission 2 | Cybersecurity for factories and industrial sites: how to bring OT and IT together?

With : 

  • Eric Vautier, Group CISO, ADP Group
  • Fabrice Bru, Cybersecurity Director, "Groupement Les Mousquetaires" and CESIN Director)
  • Philippe Loudenot, Cybersecurity Delegate - Pays de la Loire Regional Council
  • Jérôme Saiz, Corporate Protection Expert - OPFOR Intelligence



Commission 3 | External assessments of corporate cybersecurity. What are the risks? What's at stake?

With : 

  • Thierry Auger, Corporate CIO & Group Cybersecurity Director, Lagardère, Chairman of Assises 2022
  • Olivier Ligneul, Director of Cybersecurity, EDF Group
  • Cécile Desjardins, journalist



Commission 4 | How to secure and enhance data?

With : 

  • Sébastien Bombal, Technical Director, French Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • Eric Freyssinet, Deputy Commander of the French Gendarmerie in cyberspace
  • Annick Rimlinger, Director of Safety & Security, Cyber & DataProtection at Aéma Groupe


Incident on the Public Cloud, are you ready? Feedback from Decathlon.

With :

  • Adeline Vilette, Cloud Security Officer, Décathlon France



Cyber Resilience Act, CISOs, What are your challenges? What are your risks? How can you prepare for them? How quickly?

With :

  • Garance Mathias, Member of the Paris Bar



Cryptoactives: not just for digital pirates

Avec :

  • Myriam Quéméner, General Counsel at the Paris Court of Appeal



Ransom payments: a subject of debate

With :

  • François Beaume, Vice President, Risks and Insurance Sonepar and Vice-Chairman of AMRAE
  • Hubert de l'Estoile, AMRAE General Delegate 



Incorporating geopolitical considerations into cyber decisions

With :

  • Julien Nocetti, Researcher at IFRI and specialist in cyber-conflictuality and digital diplomacy


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