Relive the highlights of Le Before 2023 edition : conferences, round tables, commissions, meetups and keynotes.

Conferences, keynotes and masterclasses

Opening conference

Opening the Before: a question of balance!

CISOs are tightrope walkers. Torn between their obligations and their means, between business understanding and operational reality, between the long view and the immediate response.... They must constantly adapt: in their profession, it's all a question of balance! To kick off this new edition of Before, we invite you to explore this notion of balance through 3 different but complementary prisms:


IA FRIENDLY: Proofpoint Keynote | How to keep attackers at bay?

With :

  • Ryan Kalember, Executive Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy, Proofpoint
  • Loïc Guézo, Senior Director, Cybersecurity Strategy Europe, Proofpoint



DATA SECURITY: CNIL | Cybersecurity and RGPD: an (almost) faithful couple

With : 

  • Florent Della Valle, Head of CNIL's Technological Expertise Department



BREAKTHROUGH INNOVATION : Marjolaine Grondin | Successes and failures, breakthrough innovation has two parents

With :

  • Marjolaine Grondin, CEO and Co-Founder, Jam



Closing conference

Vincent Dorival: dedication, awareness and resilience 

With : 

  • Vincent Dorival, Président de l’Association ULTRAOPS
  • Mélanie Bénard Crozat, Rédactrice en Chef de S&D Magazine et Impact For the Future

Roundtables and commissions

Anticipating cyber-attacks is a question of knowing your information system, its ecosystem, threats and enhanced surveillance

Moderated by Sophy Caulier, journalist

With : 

  • Thierry Auger, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Lagardère
  • Olivier Ligneul, Cybersecurity Director, EDF Group
  • Loïc Guézo, Senior Director of Cybersecurity Strategy for Europe, Proofpoint
  • Alexis Caurette, Vice President Strategy and Marketing, Cyber Defense Solutions Business Unit, Thales
  • Jean-Noël Hardelin, Strategic Accounts Manager, Recorded Future



Attack surface: how to identify it, analyze it, reduce it or live with it?

Moderated by Caroline Moulin-Schwartz, moderator

With :

  • Michel Cazenave, Regional CSO & CISO France, Monaco, Maghreb, PWC
  • Dominique Guiffard, Group CTO, Savencia Stéphanie Buscayret, Chief Information Security Officer, Groupe Latécoère
  • Arnaud Legorjus, Strategy & Operations Director, Tanium
  • Raja Mukerji, Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Extrahop



Developing an effective communications strategy for your Board and Comex: the new challenge for cybersecurity directors

Moderated by Mélanie Bénard Crozat, Editor-in-Chief, S&D Magazine and Impact For the Future

With : 

  • Patrick Ménez, Deputy Group CSO, Axa
  • Fabrice Bru, DSSI, Groupement Les Mousquetaires
  • Pierre Courbois, CEO, Bricorama Sillingy et Annemasse and member of the stime Board of Directors
  • Laurent Vibert, Crisis communications expert and CEO, Nitidis



NIS2 regulations: the challenge of turning a threat into an opportunity?

Moderated by Garance Mathias, Partner, Mathias Avocats

With :

  • Maricela Pelegrin-Bomel, National IS Security Manager, EFS
  • Eric Vautier, Group CISO, ADP Group
  • Benoit Fuzeau, CISO, Casden Banque Populaire
  • Hervé Fortin, Group DPO, Servier



Incident response as part of a day-to-day cybersecurity strategy

Moderated by Jérôme Saiz, Corporate Protection Expert, OPFOR Intelligence

With :

  • Eric Freyssinet, Général de brigade, Conseiller senior cyber au COMCYBERGEND
  • Sébastien Bombal, Directeur technique du Ministère de l'Economie et des Finances
  • Didier Gras, Group Chief Information Security Officer, BNP Paribas
  • Blandine Delaporte, Solution Engineer Director, SentinelOne
  • Frédéric Le Bastard, Responsable du Service de Lutte Contre la Cybercriminalité, Groupe La Poste
  • Flavien Moutardier, Senior Sales Engineer, CrowdStrike



What does the future hold for IOT?

Moderated by Annick Rimlinger, Director Safety-Security, Cyber & DataProtection, Aéma Groupe

With :

  • Stéphane Tournadre, ISS Director, Servier
  • Stéphane Nappo, Vice President. Global Chief Information Security Officer, Groupe SEB
  • Laurent Oudot, CTO & co-Founder, TEHTRIS
  • Michel Séjean, Professor of Private Law and Criminal Sciences, Sorbonne Paris Nord University


Police and courts: catching and prosecuting cybercriminals

With :

  • Myriam Quemener, Director, DPO, Agence Numérique de la Santé (Digital Health Agency)
  • Anne Souvira, Commissaire divisionnaire honoraire, former head of the cyber mission at the Préfecture de Police



Digital CISO: moving beyond spreadsheets to structure the IS of cybersecurity!

With :

  • Nadège Reynaud, Associate Director, TNP Consultants



SI vs digital threats: Round 2 - Fight!

With :

  • Thomas Guilloux, Industrial Cybersecurity Expert & Associate Director of CSB.School
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