Read about the highlights of Les Assises 2022 in a white paper produced in partnership with EPITA, the school for computer intelligence engineers.

"As it has done every year for the past 5 years, Les Assises has entrusted the drafting of the "Cybersecurity & Innovations" White Paper to those who will be taking over from them.

We return to Les Assises after a year 2022 marked by an extension of the scope of the fight against cyber-security to hitherto sanctuarised sectors such as hospitals. While the cyber-attacks in Corbeil-Essonne and Versailles served as a reminder of the urgent need to train thousands of experts, it will still take 3 years to graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Cyber, and 5 years for an engineer in Computer Science. The partnership forged over the last 5 years between the Assises and EPITA draws its full meaning from this asymmetry between emotion and training, urgency and patience. Every year, we have to wait a little while before revisiting the highlights of this annual event through a fresh and demanding perspective".

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