"My first Les Assises" mentoring session

Wednesday 9 October | 3.00-3.30pm

You've just arrived, the opening conference is over and you're thinking "where on earth am I going to go?" Don't worry, I'm going to explain everything to you! From best practice to organising your diary, from party management to getting a better overview of the Grimaldi Forum venues, the idea of this session is to get together with new guests, answer any outstanding questions, share your thoughts and help you have a great conference!

  • Hosted by : Loïs Samain, CISO EDF Hydro & Co-founder and Podcaster, Le Comptoir Secu
Meetup Les Assises Mentoring

Regulatory overview: what's on the horizon for the end of the year?

Thursday 10 October | 10.00am-10.30am

Let's decipher regulations together! It's true that regulations are not an easy subject to tackle, but they have to be complied with! That's why we've put together an overview of the regulatory landscape, highlighting the key aspects to bear in mind for each key regulation. We'll discuss the business impact of the IA Act, the Cyber Resilience Act, NIS2 and DORA in a pragmatic and operational way. Join us for a stimulating and informative discussion on the regulations shaping the future of cybersecurity.

  • Garance Mathias, Lawyer at the Court of Paris
  • Paul-Olivier Gibert, President, AFCDP
Meetup Les Assises Overview of cyber regulations

Building a remediation plan after a cyber incident

Thursday 10 October | 11.00pm-11.30pm

The remediation of a cyber security incident is a little-known subject with considerable stakes. On the basis of its operational feedback and its strong expertise, in 2023 ANSSI launched a sharing of its vision of the doctrinal bases in remediation with the ecosystem. After a public consultation, we published a doctrinal corpus “Cyberattacks and remediation” at the start of 2024. While these documents provide a theoretical basis, it is not always easy to put them into practice. In response to this problem, we propose to present the choices structuring a remediation and implementation approach. The presentation focuses on the construction of a remediation plan based on the “Piloting Remediation” guide, which is the operational part of the corpus. Based on concrete examples, the presentation will provide the audience with a common thread for organizing an organization's survival in the face of a cyber incident and structuring its rebound.
  • Prachea Thiounn, CERT-FR, ANSSI / Control Recovery Assistance Office

OSINT: what the CAC40 top 20 have to hide

Thursday 10 October | 4.00pm-4.30pm

Many employees, including COMEX members, claim they have nothing to hide. Yet, in this talk, we will demonstrate how simple Open Source Information Retrieval (OSINT) techniques can be exploited by criminals. We'll explore how these methods can lead to presidential fraud, compromised information systems, organized protests and even physical attacks on VIPs. The personal and professional information of top 20 CAC 40 executives, harvested via Open Source Intelligence, can have a direct impact on the security of the organization's information systems, as well as on the survival of the company. This session aims to raise awareness among executives of the importance of protecting digital information, and to show how OSINT can be used for malicious purposes.

  • Sylvain Hajri, Founder & CEO, Epieos
Meetup Les Assises OSINT
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