Discover the definition of the term Iot (Internet Of Things) presented by Les Assises de la Cybersécurité.


The Internet of Things is a concept describing the proliferation of terminals connected to the Internet going well beyond current computers, smartphones, tablets, and even connected watches. IoT terminals can be integrated into domestic objects (refrigerators, locks, electricity meters), street furniture or even living beings (animals and humans). The concept of Internet of Things encompasses this multiplication of terminals as well as their permanent connection to a global network in order to share their data in real time, and thus forms the basis of so-called “smart cities” and networks of more efficient energy (smart grids). Obviously, for the information systems security community, the IoT presents a major new challenge.

Since a British casino was hacked through its connected aquarium thermometer, SSI experts are convinced that these connected objects will allow them to have a lot of laughs.

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